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About Scarafoni Financial Group

Founded in 1993, Scarafoni Financial Group is a leading employee benefits expert, creating tailor-made insurance solutions that are delivered with premier customer service to meet the unique, ever-changing needs of our clients. 

Our personalized and ongoing customer support begins at the moment we meet and have an in-depth discussion to learn about your unique situation. Then we create a customized, cost-effective, value-added strategy to satisfy your goals. 

Whether it’s day-to-day human resources duties, solving a complex medical issue, or planning for the future – our accessibility, financial knowledge, and superior products set us apart. 

Employee Benefits

Businesses face the challenge of balancing rising premiums with cost-effective plans that won’t sacrifice quality care and service.  We present a benefits package that is consistent with the philosophy and financial expectations of your company.

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Health Care Reform

With the ever-changing legislative landscape of Health Care Reform, we understand it is imperative to fulfill our role as trusted advisor to our clients for ongoing education and compliance reviews. 

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We are licensed in many states and continue to expand as needed to serve the needs of our valued clients. 

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