Health Care Reform & Employer Responsibility

With advent of Health Care Reform, employers face a complex, baffling landscape of compliance mandates.  Going it alone is risky. You need an expert partner with in-depth industry knowledge to make sense of the chaos. We offer the following services to smooth the way for you:

  • In-house compliance professionals who know the rules and laws
  • A compliance checklist, customized per employer size and industry, with links to notices and other action items
  • A web-based compliance portal with FAQs, a benefits compliance library, and other resources
  • Proactive updates including newsletters on federal and state regulatory changes and deadline reminders
  • Health care modeling devices and resources featuring actuarial-backed tools, plan design and changes, excise taxes and more

Whether it’s a fully insured or self-insured health plan, you will have solutions designed to help keep your company healthy and your employees happy.